Carbon Farmers of Australia presents

Carbon Farming 101 Workshop
Introductory half day program
Carbon Farming & Trading in Australia

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Carbon Farmers of Australia Pty Ltd (CFA) are members of The Carbon Market Institute (CMI) and Foundation Signatories to the CMI Industry Code of Conduct. They have been involved in Carbon Farming and Trading for over 10 years, being instrumental in achieving methods for trading in Carbon, and developing projects.

Dick Richardson is an internationally recognised leader in the practice of natural grazing to improve soil depth and health, water retention, increased biodiversity and animal production. Together with Louisa Kiely of CFA they will present the Carbon Farming 101 Workshop.


1. Introductions – to participants and CFA

Aims for the day

2. Carbon Fundamentals Introduction

  1. Climate Change and Agriculture – Threat and Opportunity.
  2. Agriculture’s Role in Global Warming – Getting ahead of the curve. Emphasis on role of emissions reductions and sequestration.

3. What is the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and the Emissions Reduction Fund/ERF?

  1. What is the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) – now referred to as the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF)?
  2. Brief background to Australian Trading System – Small beginnings in the Gillard era; Prime Ministers fall by the wayside; but Carbon Farming Trade survives! ERF enables legislation.
  3. Benefits of sequestration/emissions reduction. The best win/win climate change response.
  4. Co-benefits of Farming Sequestration (carbon storage in vegetation and soils)
  5. Post ERF targets. What happens next?
  6. Federal Election wash up. What do the results of the Federal Election mean for Carbon Farming and Trading?

4. Opportunities for Australian Farmers CFI/ERF and beyond.

  1. Reducing Emissions
  2. Carbon Capture and Burial – The Farmers way!
  3. What is a ‘method’ and why do I need one?
  4. ‘Project’ explained.
  5. Ownership explained.
  6. 25-year/100-year projects explained.

5. The CFI/ERF Process

  1. A Market Made by Government
  2. Rules and Regulations
  3. Main Players
  4. Introduction to: How to Enter the Market
  5. What is Aggregation, and how does it work? (introduction)

6. Potential New Revenue Streams

  1. Activities Paying Now
  2. Approved methods explained (top level)
  3. Activities Anticipated – Departments work list
  4. Can I benefit in more than one way? Whole of Farm Carbon Audit concept explained.
  5. Potential ‘evolution’ of methods – what is coming through the pipeline.

7. The Two Markets

  1. Kyoto and Non-Kyoto offsets – Price Expectations
  2. World Trends – What happened at COP21 Paris meeting and what does it mean for Australia?
  3. Value of the Two Markets – What’s the Secondary market in Australia and is it viable?
  4. Portrait of a Voluntary/Corporate Buyer (Secondary market buyer)
  5. Charismatic Offsets – Soil carbon as ‘gourmet carbon’. Higher value?
  6. Brand Management – Direct Marketing your offsets.

8. Grazing Naturally with Dick Richardson – a Brief Introduction to Soil Carbon

  1. Types of soil Carbon
  2. Pathways for Carbon into the soil
  3. How grasses can build soil Carbon
  4. Management effecting Carbon flows
  5. Grazing Naturally – the solution
  6. Q and A session