Alastair Handley

President & Board Member, Carbon Credit Solutions

Alastair Handley is Founder and President of Alberta-based companies Climate Smart Group (CSG) and Carbon Credit Solutions Inc, (CCSI). His recent appointment to the World Bank Advisory Group for Operationalizing Article 6, recognizes Alastair as a leader and authority on Environment Markets

In response to the Paris Agreement, the Advisory Group’s purpose is to establish market-based facilities and associated instruments to support the development of carbon markets internationally. This reflects Alastair’s personal mission in recent years, to help national and sub-national governments implement essential environmental market frameworks that stimulate green innovation, create employment opportunities and result in lasting reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Intellectual and experienced, Alastair has a gift for educating and communicating the complexity of green market creation in easy to understand, meaningful ways. To this end, Alastair continues to advise governments and Fortune 100 companies and has been invited to speak across the globe on the importance of environmental markets and their proven ability to drive consequential change.

A pioneer in the environmental market space, Alastair designed and developed one of the first software platforms in the world to aggregate and quantify large-scale emission reductions. Leveraging his prior experience with geographic information systems and software design, Alastair created a world-class
Measure-Report-Verify (MRV) system that has since helped CCSI’s 3000+ clients develop carbon offsets from over 4.1Million hectares. CCSI is responsible for delivering over $47 Million dollars to Alberta Farmers, saving corporations over $15 Million dollars.

Alastair’s MRV System was created in 2007, in response to Alberta developing the first carbon market in North America. A global leader, the province’s environmental foresight is the foundation on which Alastair built his companies. The success of CSG and CCSI domestically and internationally exemplifies how
emission reduction markets can build wealth, generate jobs, create export opportunities and protect the environment for future generations at once.