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Louisa Kiely

Director, Carbon Farmers of Australia

I’m passionate about agriculture and the role agriculture can play in drawing down CO2 from the air, to prevent the worst effects of climate change and improve the productivity of farming land. I am particularly focused on the role of soil carbon for improved water holding capacity and soil structure.

Carbon Farmers of Australia (CFA) have are pioneers in the carbon farming industry, we’ve been helping farmers access the market since 2006. We have a concept of a whole-of-farm carbon audit to enable farmers to choose which ‘methods’ are applicable to their farm – both emissions reductions and sequestration. Farmers can earn Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s) for their efforts and can bid into the Emissions Reduction Fund to be paid for their efforts. These methods, once established and proven, can be taken overseas to help poor farmers to do the same and be paid by the big polluters. That is my ultimate goal.