Matthew Warnken

Managing Director, AgriProve

Principal Sponsor - AgriproveBA/BSc, MRes(Eng), MEnt

Matthew Warnken is founder and Managing Director of AgriProve, Australia’s first one-stop-shop for soil carbon under the Emissions Reduction Fund. Matthew has formal training in natural resource management and gained undergraduate qualifications in Arts and Science from the Australian National University. He has a Masters of Engineering Research from the University of Sydney, and a business Masters in early stage commercialisation from the University of Adelaide.

Matthew has been leading teams around start-up projects in resource recovery and renewable energy for the last decade. He has been at the forefront of emissions trading and carbon credit origination in Australia, taking Corporate Carbon from a startup to Australia’s largest multi-sector project aggregator – and the first to have soil carbon credits issued under the ERF. AgriProve is a special purpose vehicle established by Corporate Carbon to provide soil carbon participation solutions.