Michael McCosker

Co Founder, Carbon8

1992 – Founding Member Masterman Range Landcare Group

1994 – Rotary Group Study Exchange to Pennsylvania USA

1997 – Trained in Holistic Management

1995 – 1998 Member Northwest Catchment Management Committee

1996 – 1998 (18 months) Chairman Northwest Catchment Management Committee

1996 – 1998 (18 months) NWCMC representative on Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Advisory Committee

1998 – Member NSW community consultation committee for Native Vegetation Legislation

2001 – Twelve months training with finance institutions in Brisbane

2002 – Founding member of a Biological fertiliser and education company (Ausmin Australia)

2005 – Merge three separate companies under one brand to further develop the presence in Biological Agriculture.

2007 – Develop international satellite companies in the Pacific Islands and Asia

2008 – Undertake a number of international consulting trips focused on Food Security and Natural Resource management including environmental repair programs (Kashmir, South America, Thailand).

2015 – Instrumental in the development of an integrated business plan focusing on high quality food production and marketing systems.

2016 – Participant Australian Futures Project – Agriculture

2017 – Teacher of Sustainable ag techniques and community development strategies for developing self-sufficient communities (Pacific Islands) with the UN and Charity Sea Mercy.

2018 – Co- Founder National Regenerative Agriculture Day with Helen McCosker and Kelly Jones

2019 – Co-Founder Paragon Holdings (Fodder Sheds and Regenerative Meat Branding)

2019 – Launch Carbon8