Speaker Dr Moragh Mackay (PhD)

Dr Moragh Mackay (PhD)

Chair – Energy Innovation Co-operative Limited

Dr Moragh Mackay has worked at the community level in Gippsland for over 20 years with Farmers, Landcare Groups and Networks, Catchment Management Authorities, local government, Water Authorities and the Phillip Island Nature Parks. She specialises in collaboration across the community-government-industry interface to create adaptive environmental governance and management.  She has facilitated peer-to-peer learning and project co-design with various groups including farmers, agricultural researchers and extension officers, members of local, state and federal government agencies, various community and Traditional Owner Groups.

In 2005 to 2009 Moragh co-designed and led two regional scale projects in the Westernport region:

(i) the Western Port Agricultural Emissions Project undertaking emissions audits, planning and emissions reduction and renewable energy projects with 25 farmers;

(ii) the Western Port Land Stewardship Program involving over 100 farmers in providing and being paid for ecosystem services in line with their stewardship values.

Moragh was a founding Director of the Energy Innovation Co-op in 2009 and has been Chair since 2015. She currently holds a position of Senior Policy Advisor with the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations and is lead advisor in the areas of Water and Renewable Energy.

Moragh reconnected with her friends Bob and Anne Davie and members of Phillip Island Landcare in 2018 through the Totally Renewable Phillip Island Initiative and together they have designed a Carbon Insetting Scheme, the aim of which is supporting farmers to transition to carbon farming practices by selling carbon insets through an online brokerage tool.