Peter Ewin

Regional Manager, Murray-Riverina NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust

Peter has over 25 years with various NSW government environmental agencies including National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Environment and Conservation and the Office of Environment and Heritage. Much of that time has been spent in south western NSW (Griffith, Buronga and Albury) but he did survive ten years in Head office in Sydney as well. He has undertaken a range of jobs including GIS and database management, Ranger and managing the Planning Unit (managing OEH’s input into biodiversity and Aboriginal cultural heritage impacts of development).

Now based in Albury, Peter has been the Regional Manager with the NSW BCT for the last 18 months (most of the time the agency has existed). He will discussing the two main aspects of the BCT’s work – Private Land Conservation (Murray-Riverina has delivered three tenders for Conservation Agreements so far) and offsets (the first Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement was signed near Albury in 2019). These provide landholders with options to obtain an income while protecting the biodiversity values of their farms.